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Penguin Island

Discover Nature’s Paradise with our “Penguin Island” Tour Package

Immerse in the Wonders of Wildlife on Australia's Southeast Coastline

Immerse yourself in a unique marine wonderland with our “Penguin Island” tour package. Set sail for a captivating experience amidst Australia’s southeastern coastline, in the enchanting Rivoli Bay. Just 1.5 kilometers south of Beachport lies the mesmerizing Penguin Island, renowned for the world’s most significant congregation of Little Penguins. Annually, these charming creatures visit the island to breed and nest, offering an enchanting spectacle for all nature enthusiasts.

Our visitation schedule aligns perfectly with the natural rhythms of the island, keeping conservation at the forefront. We welcome guests from mid-September to early June, during specific daylight hours, ensuring minimal disturbance to the island’s wildlife.

While the Little Penguins are undeniably the main attraction, Penguin Island also serves as a haven for various other native bird species, including pelicans and sea eagles. Keep your eyes peeled for playful dolphins, and the rare Australian sea lions, both often sighted in the surrounding waters.

A Scenic Adventure: Experience Unique Wildlife and Stunning Landscapes on Penguin Island

Conveniently located a mere 45-minute journey from Perth, the trip to Penguin Island is a beautiful experience in its own right. A scenic five-minute ferry ride through the breathtaking Shoalwater Islands Marine Park delivers you to your destination. Once there, you’ll find an island paradise, boasting crystal clear waters, pristine sandy beaches, and a rich marine ecosystem.

Spend your time on the island as you please; embark on a thrilling cruise to see wild dolphins and rare Australian sea lions, explore the island’s diverse underwater world, or simply enjoy a leisurely day at the beach, picnicking with your loved ones.

Amid the Shoalwater Islands Marine Park’s heart, Penguin Island provides the perfect setting for nature lovers. Walk along the island’s designated boardwalks and lookouts, relishing the panoramic views. Enjoy a peaceful picnic while overlooking a safe, child-friendly beach.

To ensure the safety and well-being of the island’s fauna, we remind guests to adhere to the designated walk trails and beach areas. Please note that Penguin Island closes annually from early June to 14 September to respect the little penguins’ nesting season.

With Rockingham Wild Encounters providing hourly ferry service to Penguin Island from 15 September to early June, and an array of cruises available to discover the marine park’s wonders, you’re sure to have a memorable adventure.

The “Penguin Island” tour package offers an exceptional opportunity to experience a unique wildlife spectacle in a tranquil and serene setting, making it an ideal choice for your next holiday.

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